American Gulags
American Gulags

American Gulags

Marxist Tyranny in Higher Education and What to Do About It



160 Pages, 5.5 x 8.25

Formats: Hardcover

Hardcover, $20.00 (US $20.00) (CA $24.00)

Publication Date: May 2023

ISBN 9781956454062

Price: $20.00


American Gulags show us how to overcome the Marxist indoctrination which has swept across the American government education system. 

America’s system of colleges and universities was once the best in the world. It contributed immeasurably to America’s status as the most powerful, productive, and prosperous nation on the globe. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Today from kindergarten through 12th grade in the government school system, teaching reading, writing, and math have been supplanted by Marxist indoctrination. Our colleges and universities have become the final training grounds and launching pads for the next waves of Marxist activists. This book equips every American to turn this travesty around.

Author Biography

Oliver L. North is a combat decorated U.S. Marine, founder of a small business, and holder of three U.S. patents. For seventeen years he was a syndicated columnist and host of War Stories on FOX News Channel. North has authored nineteen best-selling books and is co-founder of Freedom Alliance. North says his greatest achievement is being “the God-fearing husband of one, father of four, and grandfather of eighteen.” 

David L. Goetsch is a Marine Corps veteran and member of the Florida Veteran’s Hall of Fame (Class of 2016). Dr. Goetsch is a professor of business, Christian counselor, and author of seventy-six books. Several of his books are best-sellers that have been translated into various foreign languages.

Dr. Archie P. Jones is a Marine Corps veteran, teacher, professor, and librarian who has taught political science, American history, literature, and writing for more than forty years. Dr. Jones is the author or co-author of twelve books and is a 10th Amendment scholar.