Iron-Sharpened Leadership
Iron-Sharpened Leadership

Iron-Sharpened Leadership

Transforming Hard-Fought Lessons Into Action



296 Pages, 5.5 x 8.25

Formats: Paperback, ebook: EPUB

Paperback, $17.00 (US $17.00) (CA $24.00)

Publication Date: June 2021

ISBN 9781735856360


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Iron-Sharpened Leadership is a leadership book the reader will find valuable and inspiring. This leadership book is based on operational experience and is peppered with inspirational stories along with actions one can take to become a more effective leader. Gronski takes a values-based approach to leadership effectiveness and the book is oriented along the lines of his leadership philosophy which includes character, competence, and resilience.


"The never-ending supply of leadership books has been enriched with the release of Iron-Sharpened Leadership, which offers a clear recipe for organizational effectiveness and personal success." —Giedrimas Jeglinskas, Assistant Secretary General for Executive Management at NATO and former Deputy Defense Minister of Lithuania


“I highly recommend Iron Sharpened Leadership. This book is filled with great advice forged by the author’s lifetime of experience as a successful business leader and exemplary military officer." —Mark Powell, Lackawanna County District Attorney


“Missing amongst the hordes of success-obsessed ‘rise-and-grind’ social media influencers are men of consequence—leaders who have not only succeeded at the highest levels, but done so when lives depended on it. Success for such men is not a status symbol, but a requirement. Major General John Gronski is such a man, and Iron-Sharpened Leadership fills a considerable void in the self-help world because he understands that leadership is less about demanding respect and obedience than it is about displaying ultimate loyalty, camaraderie, and sacrifice. By the end of his Army career, he had led thousands of men through perilous circumstances, and all those men had gladly walked into harm’s way because they believed in their leader. This book expertly distills the Major General’s extraordinary life experiences into usable lessons for people from all walks of life working in every industry. When you are finished translating the book’s lessons into action, you will be giving fewer orders; instead, you will have transformed your own leadership presence into one that inspires people to regularly go above and beyond what is expected.” —Chef Robert Irvine, host of Restaurant: Impossible

"For those who have been in combat we always have a special place in our heart for those we shared that time with....John Gronski is one of those people.  His competence, commitment and compassion while leading the PA 28th BCT in Ramadi in 2006 will always remind me of what "right in a leader looks like."  In this book he sets down the traits and principles all leaders need to exhibit and execute every day.   Read and reflect then do what you can to personify these ideals as a person of character and virtue. You and your organization will be better for it."—Robert B. Neller, general USMC retired 37th commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps

“‘Mentorship is a contact sport!’ That’s just one of the many leadership observations offered by Major General John Gronski in his new book, Iron-Sharpened Leadership:  Transforming Hard Fought Leadership Lessons into Action. Gronski’s insights are not only for military leaders; leaders in every walk of life will benefit from his long experience in both military and civilian careers.  He uses his personal successes and failures to highlight practical leadership principles that will resonate with leaders at all levels.  A great book by a great leader. Keep this on your bookshelf for ready reference.”—Carter F. Ham, general, U.S. Army Retired, president and chief executive officer, Association of the United States Army

"Gronski shines in his gritty and authentic look into leadership. I keep a copy of the book on my desk and you should too. Read it!"—Wes Gray Ph.D., CEO of Alpha Architect, and former U.S. Marine Captain


Author Biography

MG John Gronski (USA, Ret) is the CEO of Leader Grove, LLC, and is an inspirational speaker, leadership consultant, executive coach, and author. John retired from the Army after forty years of service on active duty and in the Pennsylvania National Guard. He is a decorated combat veteran. In the civilian sector John has led diverse teams implementing large, complex projects.