Making a Magnificent You
Making a Magnificent You

Making a Magnificent You

And the Role of Fruits and Vegetables



40 Pages, 8.5 x 8.5

Formats: Hardcover Picture Book

Hardcover Picture Book, $16.99 (US $16.99) (CA $22.99)

Publication Date: September 2022

ISBN 9781956454109

Price: $16.99


Martin Katz, MD is determined to help change the current (un)healthy paradigm. Using colorful and fun art with interactive text, Making a Magnificent You helps parents teach their kids about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables that will make them as healthy, strong, and disease immune as they can be. Using a game with vowels and including playful information, the time parents spend with their children reading this book will be rich and helpful.


“Your brain uses 25 percent of the calories you consume. If you want your family and kids to have better brains and bodies get this fun, insightful book from my friend Dr. Martin Katz.” —Daniel G. Amen, MD, author of Your Brain Is Always Listening


"What a great children's book that encourages healthy eating for kids, while also providing factual information for parents about what makes these foods essential for our bodies! Dr. Katz puts it all together in a cute, colorful, and rhyming way that is sure to be popular for all ages." —Jason Perkel, MD, FAAP, pediatrician with interest in obesity, weight loss, growth, and development


Making a Magnificent You is a fun, colorful, and thoughtful way to teach us all the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. The illustrations, witty yet informative rhymes, and amazing ‘Fun Facts’ section make this book a great gift for all ages! It will certainly be a resource and featured in my summer camp for years to come! So c'mon, ‘don't be a weanie, eat your zucchini’ and indulge in this great book!” —Scott Williams, owner/founder, Camp4Real, LLC

Author Biography

Dr. Katz is double board certified in sports and family medicine. Dr. Katz is committed to a preventative medicine paradigm, educating his patients regarding the benefits of intentional nutrition, exercise, sleep, the microbiome, and connectivity. He enjoys engaging with people, listening to live music, skiing, sailing, hiking, biking, and just generally being outdoors, especially with his wife and four incredible children. The Katz family lives outside Charlottesville, VA.