Pillars for Freedom
Pillars for Freedom

Pillars for Freedom

An Exploration of the Pillars of America's National Power and the Foundations and Principles on Which They Rest



432 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: ebook: EPUB, Hardcover

Hardcover, $32.99 (US $32.99) (CA $44.99)

Publication Date: January 2024

ISBN 9781956454611


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The maintenance of liberty rests upon our faith, our Founding, our families, and our commitments to uncorrupted education and science. Pillars for Freedom describes in consummate detail the powers that America must reconstitute and wield in order that we reclaim our destiny. Our Judeo-Christian heritage must form the center of America’s rebirth. Through marshalling our priceless heritage, we can rebuild our military, secure economic strength, and reassert energy dominance, as we rebuild our civil society. We must renew the American dream and arise as one people. This momentous book marks a turning point. It is a lantern that will lead us forward.


"Pillars for Freedom is a book that must be read and studied. it is one of the most important books on conservative values and policies that has ever been written." —Mike Pompeo, Former Secretary of State and former director of the CIA

"Pillars for Freedom considers the totality of our times and critically addresses our place in a momentous period in which the future of liberty lies in peril. it is a must read!" —Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs

"Today, we are in dire need of people to light the way forward. In Pillars for Freedom, Richard Levine, using a historical framework, provides compelling insights into key national issues." —Admiral William O. Studeman, Former Deputy Director of the CIA (Ret)

"This book is unique in blending relgious precepts, philosophy, history, and far-seeing commentary to create a blueprint for our times. Pillars for Freedom is a masterstroke." —Dr. John F. Lehman, Jr., Former Secretary of the Navy and 9/11 Commission Member

Author Biography

Richard B. Levine served as Director for Policy Development on Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council staff. Richard is the recipient of two Presidential letters of commendation and the Department of the Navy’s highest civilian honor. Richard holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Richard advises former senior officials on national security, government, and economic issues. He is the coauthor of America’s #1 Adversary.