The Fear Protocol
The Fear Protocol

The Fear Protocol

A Novel



256 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $17.00 (US $17.00) (CA $23.00)

Publication Date: July 2024

ISBN 9781956454550

Price: $17.00


In a society where social credit scores dictate worth, the Newman family faces a waking nightmare when their low score lands them in a sixty-day house arrest. Trapped in their home, they’re bombarded by an AI named Babble, through their government-controlled “smart devices,” indoctrinating them with progressive values. As their resources dwindle, their struggle for survival takes a terrifying turn when they clash with the “Bulls of Bashan,” a group of radicals intent on eliminating those deemed unsafe.

In The Fear Protocol, Brad Newbold crafts a gripping dystopian tale probing the consequences of an ideology equating beliefs with violence. With pulse-pounding suspense and timely social commentary, this novel challenges readers to confront the dangers invading our world, and the erosion of truth in the pursuit of societal acceptance. Prepare for a riveting journey as the Newman family fights for their humanity against forces determined to erase it.


"The Fear Protocol by Brad Newbold is a non-stop, ‘bold’ and chilling fast-paced exposé of the future toward which our world is careening out of control. You won’t be able to put this book down. Hang on for the ride." — Michael Phillips, best-selling author of The Invisible War

"It has been said it is ‘better to show than tell.’ President Reagan told us that ‘freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.’ The Fear Protocol shows us how true this is." — Brilyn Hollyhand, author of One Generation Away and co-chair of the RNC Youth Advisory Council

"If you want to know the truth, you have to face your fears. If you want to know what a future Godless America looks like, read The Fear Protocol. It may be fiction, but it is coming true.” — Marcus Costantino, author of What’s Next? Talking with God about the Rest of Your Life

"As we tumble through cancel culture and secular humanism, we must ask, where will it all end? The apocalypse can come for us one family at a time if we can be removed from society by the systems of efficiency. The Fear Protocol paints a chilling picture of a spider-web future of woke entanglement." — Jason Ross, co-author Black Autumn, lead writer Homestead

"The Fear Protocol is a wakeup call to Christians who've maybe been asleep at the wheel, only to find themselves in a culture they don't recognize or understand. It is both an engrossing fiction and an eerie portent of what our country could very soon become if Christians don't move as God requires." — Matt Alvarado, Independent Filmmaker and YouTube specialist

Author Biography

Brad Newbold was raised in a small mountain town north of Los Angeles. His interest in history, theology, and philosophy, mixed with an unhealthy dose of pop culture, led him to write his debut thriller, The Fear Protocol. When he is not debating the finer points of reformed theology or weighing the existential threat of AI, you can find him at home fumbling his way through homesteading with his wife and six children in Middle Tennessee.