The Inferno
The Inferno

The Inferno

A Novel



272 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback, ebook: EPUB

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Publication Date: September 2023

ISBN 9781956454260


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Little did Evan know his suicide attempt would not be a disappearing into a void but the beginning of a journey to repentance and faith. Long suffering from alcoholism and depression, college sophomore Evan Esco hoped to escape his pain by committing suicide. Evan hoped he would simply cease to be, but he did not count on the existence of God to foil his plans. Instead of wrath, God is now giving Evan the chance to repent—that is, the chance to return to the world above, turn from his sins, and place his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. But if Evan is to learn what it means to repent, he must first travel through the realms of the Inferno—Hell—and speak with those condemned. There, by interviewing shades and demons, some you may find familiar, Evan will learn why he must turn from his sins, look to Christ as his Savior, and trust in God to save him from such a realm.


"Buoyed by a heady mixture of literary bravado and deep spiritual humility, Winston Brady takes up the epic mantle of Homer, Virgil, and Dante to send his hero, the partly autobiographical Evan Esco, on a harrowing journey to hell and back. Like Dante’s Inferno, Brady’s Inferno tests the will and courage of its hero, forcing him to wrestle with his American identity and legacy, to understand the grave nature of sin, and to seek repentance from Christ. In shaping his intellectual-emotional-spiritual portrait of Hemingway, as well as the other souls Evan meets in hell, Brady consulted a goodly number of primary and secondary sources that he references in his copious notes and works cited page. Though fictional and strongly imaginative, Brady’s Inferno is grounded in solid research." —The Imaginative Conservative

"...make clear the power of Brady’s Inferno to dig down to the dark soul of mankind in general and America in particular. Those concerned for the future of our country, and their souls, ignore such a journey at their peril." —The Imaginative Conservative

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Author Biography

Winston Brady is the Director of Curriculum and Thales Press at Thales Academy, a network of private, classical schools with campuses in North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina. A graduate of the College of William & Mary, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Kenan-Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Winston writes on the intersection of history, politics, and culture, as seen through the lens of classical wisdom and virtue. He lives in North Carolina with his wife Rachel and their children.